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Gomango Invasion: Bio/References

I'm Glen Fisher

Gomango invaded my life long ago when I was part of a band called Hi-Fi and the Way-Outs. We also worked as a back-up band for Tom Waits' sideman Francis Thumm, performing under the name Francis Thumm and the Fingers. I'm a recovering Grateful Deadhead weaned on Santana and Count Basie. Bass is my thing.

Everyone asks me, "What's the deal with Gomango"? Here's the deal: I know Gomango. Gomango is a good friend of mine. He's a very old and wise soul from the tropics. People ask me, "How old is he?" He's ancient, yet he has the spirit of a teenager.

Here's how we met: It was at Newbreak Beach. Those of us on that San Diego beach saw what we thought was an illusion. Strange looking canoes. Boats filled with people that, if I had to describe them, looked like Picasso does Easter Island. My comrades were scared. Yet, somehow I knew that he was coming to help us. Indeed, Gomango and the Gomango people were abundant with exotic instruments and good tidings. Their colorful attire, rectangular heads, and happy-go-lucky spur-of-the-moment I'm-gonna-have-fun-or-die-trying attitude was infectious. My comrades and I were helpless to their charm and exotic ideas. I knew it was no coincidence that these majestic warriors of the Pacific landed on Newbreak beach that day. It was destiny.

Gomango does not understand the "category thing" in music. He sees all styles of music as one entity -- Earth Music. And in a galactic sense, he's right. Gomango explained that my musical schizophrenia was okay, and that I, like he, was a pioneer in bringing it all together as one form of music. On another occasion, he told me that as long as music was played With Soul that everything would be okay. With the help of the "oh so groovy one," I formed the group Con Alma. Gomango says that was the right move.

Look for the Gomango Invasion Orchestra and my new GoManGo Trio...crazy man, crazy!

Go man, go!

- Glen


Glen Fisher has worked as a bassist, composer, arts education consultant, and musical director all over Europe, South-America, and USA for the past 25 years. He has been tagged 'the poster child of versatility' by KSDS Jazz 88.3FM. At 45, he's a veteran band leader and musical director, and a virtuoso sideman as well. Fluent in four languages, he teaches and composes in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Glen studied at the University of California at San Diego and the Vienna Academy of Music in Austria.

Bassist: Steve Gadd, Delfeayo Marsalis, Bill Watrous, Ron Eschete, Tom Scott, Brian Lynch, Graham Nash, Eartha Kitt, Nel Carter, Jay McShann, James Moody, Red Holloway, Charles McPherson, Bobby Shew, Jackie King, Jason Scheff, The Drifters, Mato Grosso, Hannibal Means, Yes Brasil, Steve Lacy, Sigi Finkel, Allegre Correia, Glen Fisher Trio, Con Alma, Gomango Invasion Orchestra, Arvella, Fish and the Seaweeds, Earl Thomas, Sergei Dreznin, Benjamin Schmidt, Jimmy Mulidore, and Rob Mullins Trio.

Artistic Consultant: San Diego City Schools, San Diego Youth and Community Services(SDYCS), Humphrey's, Urban League, Scripps Cancer Research, Imperial Beach Film Festival, Quail Botanical Gardens, ARTS (A Reason To Survive). Glen started a music programs for the SDYCS Storefront Shelter for Homeless Teens and PhotoCharity (501c3), and was the Performance Coordinator for Blues In The Schools (Blues Lovers United San Diego, (501c3) which is an affiliate of the National Blues Foundation. Glen brought KSDS 88.3 FM and the San Diego City Schools together to bring Wynton Marsalis' incredible new jazz curriculum called Lincoln Center's Jazz for Young People to San Diego's schools.

Composer: CBS Movie of the Week, Time Warner, Pepto-Bismol, KSDS 88.3 FM, City of San Diego, Radio 1310AM- B.C. Mexico, KUSI TV-San Diego, Arnold Schwarzenegger, KPBS, San Diego Youth and Community Services, Parallax Films, Goodnight Kiss Publishing, Scene Stealer Publishing

Awards: 1993 San Diego Music Award as Musical Director w/Earl Thomas, 1994 San Diego Music Award as Musical Director w/Josias dos Santos, 1994 & 1998 Jim Croce Award, 1995 &1997;Tijuana, Cultural Center Recognition in Music, 2002 Just Plain Folks finalist. Various: Co-host of the KSDS 88.3 FM weekly show Touchin Bass Frequent arts expert for the Reader and KUSI TV Elected to the Peninsula Community Planning Board 2004 Founder of the FIRST FRIDAY MUSIC CLUB, INC. (501c3)

Why hire Glen Fisher's Gomango Invasion

Glen Fisher’s Gomango Invasion

“San Diego’s most sophisticated and versatile ensemble…” KUSI TV

If you are looking for a band for your special event, here it is- The Gomango Invasion. You say what you want, and they deliver! I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it’s what they are all about. There is not an event that is too big or too small. From entertaining guests in a private backyard setting to making people cheer for more at a concert hall; from a soloist to an orchestra; from background music to dance tunes, they do it all.
Founder and bassist Glen Fisher successfully combines the highest level of musicianship with his light hearted delivery. The Gomango Invasion musicians are rambunctious and versatile San Diego all stars. They incorporate salsa, samba, rhythms of American Jazz and popular music into their repertoire. The band truly takes off utilizing the entire range of the dynamic spectrum. They work as a tight unit in a variety of situations, whether they are recording sound tracks for CBS, backing up artists from Eartha Kitt to Graham Nash, or entertaining at private events. The band always delivers.
So don’t forget: Any style music, any size band, any size venue!
If you would like to listen to music samples, go to music; sampler or ask for a CD.

Clients include: Urban League, City of San Diego, Humphrey’s by the Bay, Scripps, San Diego Yacht Club, Quail Botanical Gardens, Dorsey Productions.


"Glen Fisher and Gomango Invasion made our wedding reception!  We said we wanted great music that would keep all of our loved ones dancing from young to old and that's exactly what we got!  We married in the San Diego Botanic Garden and had the most beautiful reception with warm weather and twinkling lanterns.  The best part, though, was unquestionably the band.  They turned our event into a classy, fun party for us and our loved ones.  The musicians were exceptional!  We truly felt like they were playing for us. Regardless of your occasion, if you're looking for an amazing live band, look no further than Glen and Gomango." Jeff & Rachel 7/2011 regards to the 10th annual Gala at the Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas: I would like to thank the both you for the time and effort that went into providing just the right type of music at each stage. I have had numerous comments how great it was and especially the program at the main stage. The music did make the difference. Thanks again for making your part successfully happen. James R. Ruecker, Executive Director of Property Management Barona Resort and Casino, September 2009

Glen, Thank you very much to you and your band for everything on Wednesday. All the kids loved the opportunity to jam with you and it was definitely one of the greatest graduation parties we have ever had at VFC! I hope your band enjoyed meeting the wonderful kids we work with. Take care, Lisa Jeong, Voices for Children, May 2009

Dear Glen and Judy, Thank you for all your effort with this year's 3 great concerts. You surpassed yourselves in all areas- the music, helping w/PR, the stage (great new location- thank you, thank you), the sound system, the playing, the communication, etc.,etc. These concerts are truly lovely events in the Gardens. Everyone enjoys them so, and I think we made great strides this year. Thank you for a great concert season, Diana (Goforth) Education & Events Coordinator, Quail Botanical Gardens, August 2007

Glen, THANK YOU for making my day so memorable and FAB! I am not in the music world but I had several friends there who are and ALL raved about the perfect level of entertainment. You are the pro! If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know. (...) I thought I was a busy guy. You win :) With warm regards, Rene René van Rems AIFD, professional designer, August 2007

Glen Thanks for a great gig...what a pleasure from start to finish. Went as smooth as clock work. Great day. Elliott Lawrence, musician, July 2007 Dear Glen, Silver Gate sends you a HUGE thank you! Once again your donations were the hot items!! We also thank you for rockin' the house down. I love the band that you brought! How much fun we all had! You are awesome! Sincerely, Shannon Anderson, President Friends of Silver Gate, 2007

Hi cuz! Keep up the EXCELLENT work! Janet Fisher, Goodnight Kiss Music Scene Stealer Music, April 2007

Hi Glen, Attached are some photos from last night's event. They are a bit dark but are pretty clear. I will tell you again that the music and musicians were phenomenal! Thank you for being a part of a special evening. Love & Light, Lisa Catlin, President Thursday Club Juniors, March 2007

-- Dear Glen, On behalf of the Board of Trustees and staff of Quail Botanical Gardens Foundation I would like to thank you for serving on this year’s Gala committee. Thanks in large part to your dedication and hard work this year’s Gala in the Gardens: A Floral Extravaganza Honoring Rene van Rems raised more than $150,000! We couldn’t have done it without your work on the Entertainment Committee. This, the seventh annual Gala in the Gardens, is being hailed as the best ever- surely your contribution of time and talent helped make this possible. We can’t thank you enough for the huge amount of creative energy, commitment, and effort you put in to making this years Gala such a spectacular success. As you know, the money raised by the Gala supports the Garden’s by providing valuable funding for the operations of the Gardens- 362 days a year. Thank you so much for helping make the Gardens rich and available to everyone in our community. We are very honored to list you as an active volunteer and loyal partner in many activities benefiting the Gardens. Once again, thank you for your participation, inspiration, and dedication to helping make this year’s Gala, and in turn, Quail Botanical Gardens, so beautiful. Sincerely, Julian Duval President/CEO, Quail Botanical Gardens, Encinitas, October 11, 2006

Glen, Thank you for working with us on making the CONVIS reception memorable. Guests thoroughly enjoyed your music and you were so easy to work with. Thanks, Angie The Dana on Mission Bay, Reception for Convention agents, September 28, 2006

Hope all is well - We were lucky enough to have you and the band play at our wedding reception at the cove in Sept 98. We're moving to boulder at the end of the month and throwing a leav'n la jolla party at the house on Sat the 18th. Any chance to hire you'all again for a few hours in the late afternoon / early evening? Small venue, good food... Thanks - bob and brenda

Dear Glen, Thank you for all the contributions to bring better and better music to Quail. You have made it more fun for me, too. I find your whole family a delight and my special friends (family). Look forward to see you always, Joyce Wilder Quail Botanical Gardens, September 2006 Glen, Your contribution to Quail Gardens Gala added a special song, a kind gift. Thank you for being a part of it. With huge thanks, QBG Staff Donna Zimmerly Director of Development, Quail Botanical Gardens Gala, September 2006

Dear Glen, Thank you so much for your exquisite talent at the event! Everyone had a great time and I think your Ms. Mitchell song was great! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!! Shannon Anderson, Chair of the Silver Gate Silent Auction, April 2005

Response to organizing the presentation of the Colors at the Annual Urban League Awards Banquet: …I want to especially thank Mr. Glen Fisher who coordinated our appearance and presented us with a $300 donation to be used for our many activities during this upcoming school year. He was meticulous in planning, and exacting in just what was desired and expected of our Guard. What a real professional! It was indeed a pleasure meeting you and being part of your Annual Awards Banquet!... Respectfully, J.W. Theisen Westview Naval Junior ROTC, LtCol J.W. Theisen USMC (Ret) September 13, 2005

Glen Fisher does things that no one else can do. He’s produced and performed in all our holiday concerts since 2001. Michael Prichard, Manager/Talent Buyer at Humphrey’s Dear Glen, On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Quail Botanical Gardens Foundation I would like to thank you for chairing this year’s Gala in the Gardens. Thanks in large part to your participation on the Music & Entertainment Committee, this years Gala raised more than $122,000. The evening was as colorful as the honoree. Your creative spirit and masterful organizing skills helped contribute to one of the best galas this garden has hosted. All the guests I have had the pleasure of talking with after the event recounted a beautiful experience and their personal satisfaction in being able to help support the Gardens by attending. We are fortunate to have you as an active volunteer and loyal partner in many activities benefiting the Gardens. Once again, thank you for your participation, inspiration and dedication to helping make this year’s Gala the tremendous success it was. Sincerely, Julian Duval Executive Director September 26, 2005

‘If you were to look up the word music in a dictionary of words of origins I’m guessing that it would read something like this: MUSIC- The words’ origin is from the prehistoric fish family that swam in the earth’s oceans millions of years ago. Selected members of the Fish family combined melodic tones as a form of entertainment and enjoyment for those species that had ears. In the last 30 plus years the evolutionary process of music has produced highly sophisticated, dedicated, talented, sensitive, and compassionate humans such as Glen Fisher who is able to play unbelievable arrangements of enjoyable sounds with the bass.’ Andy Strassburg, San Diego Padres, 2003