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Gomango Invasion: First Friday Club

Check out our FFC website with all the up to date news and fun videos from recent performances!


The First Friday Club gives you an exciting new opportunity to get involved with young music students around San Diego. Budget cuts in our school system have forced many public schools to abandon music classes. Unfortunately, this means thousands of students no longer have access to the enrichment these classes offer.
Director of the First Friday Club, bassist Glen Fisher and the musicians of the Gomango Invasion are working within this community to creatively supplement the lack of music in the schools. By creating venues for kids to perform, teaching private lessons, and coaching rock, jazz, and blues bands from ages 6 and up, we are helping hundreds of kids realize their potential as musical artists.
We believe that performance experience and the preparation involved in a ‘gig’ create one of the best learning experiences. The benefits are various. The kids not only continue to experience the joy of playing an instrument and performing onstage, but also learn how to present themselves in front of people, work as a team, act responsibly, and communicate well. They also acquire a soulful musical foundation and an understanding of different styles of music and cultures.

There are several easy ways that you can help:
Sponsor our monthly shows at Humphrey’s
Provide raffle items for our shows – instruments, equipment, gift certificates
Sponsor stages for our larger community performances
Sponsor enrichment programs at our schools
Sponsor a student

The possibilities are endless!
Any amount donation will help support our programs

The Gomango Invasion is helping bring music back to the children of our community, and is now receiving tax deductible donations for the First Friday Music Club Inc., a 501(c)(3). Thank You!

We do have a website with all the current updates. So please visit to stay up-to-date with all the great stuff we are doing!
- FIRST FRIDAY CLUB (Jun 28, 2006)
The students of Correia Middle School had the wonderful opportunity to play with Grammy Award winner Brian Lynch. Now that's something to put in your resume! Click on the link to check out the article.
The San Diego Union Tribune just stated another good reason why music should be part of every day school education- "... an hour of playing piano (or violin or trumpet) burns about 176 calories for a 155-pound person." Now if you really rock out you might even burn more!
-San Diego Union Tribune (Apr, 2007)

On March 2nd, 2007 Silver Gate Elementary School had their second lunch time concert in a series of First Friday Music Club performances scheduled for the rest of the year. It was the parents’ time to shine… and did they shine! The stars were Joe Allen on guitar & vocals, Christian Nazarian on acoustic guitar & vocals, Linda Renouf on guitar & vocals, Diana Glover and Richard Irby on guitar, Darren Correia and Austin Bunn on drums. Kids, Parents and Teachers all boogied while listening to tunes by Johnny Cash, Lynrd Skynard, Allman Brothers and many more! To end this incredible performance their kids joined in with them for a quick jam session! Seth Irby, Jake Glover, Kenny Sullivan all played their guitars and Rachel Renouf played the keyboard. Needless to say the school was truly rockin'!
The next two performances will feature the bands from Dana Middle School and Correia Middle School.
-Rocking the schools (Mar 2, 2007)
Dear Glen,
Thank you for making our kids so successful in the talent show. They sounded great and they had so much fun practicing for the big day... You are an amazing teacher. Thank you,
The Gruenbergs & Federicis, April 2008

Hi Glen,
I just wanted to tell you what an OUTSTANDING job Cole did in his school "Celebration of the Arts"! He played and sang Johnie B Goode and he really "brought down the house"! Thanks to you and all that you have done for Cole, teaching him, giving him the chance to perform and just making music so much fun!
Deby Heramb, May 2007

Judy and Glen,
You both rock!!! thank you for all you do with the community and the kids....its so incredible to see them get up and jam. We need to figure out how to get you in the news......that will be my next project.
-Shannon Anderson, Silver Gate Elementary co-president FSG, March 3, 2007

Hi Glen,
Attached are some photos from last night's event. They are a bit dark but are pretty clear.
I will tell you again that the music and musicians were phenomenal!
Thank you for being a part of of special evening.
Please send me any information about classes you may have so I can
spread the word!
Love & Light,
-Lisa Catlin, President
Thursday Club Juniors, March 2, 2007

'With Glen Fisher's leadership and support from the community we'll get this done.'
-Michael Price, Principal Point Loma High School, 2003

'I just want to thank you so much for doing the First Friday Club. My whole family thoroughly enjoys it. Trevor and Matthew can't wait for the next one. It's so much fun to see my kids excited about music! You are awesome!'
-Jim Hecht, San Diego Department of Transportation

'Glen Fisher's dedication to the youths of San Diego is unmatched by that of any other musician or artist of any kind within the San Diego arts community. His passion for music inspires children to broaden their views on music, and to appreciate the bond that is formed between those that share this precious art form. He goes out of his way time and time again to expose the young, developing minds to some of the best musicians on the scene, teaching kids a new form of expression.
-Steve Williams, Owner Inner Voyage Entertainment

'Glen Fisher is like the pied piper. His musical talents are a role model for students throughout the district. He did a terrific presentation in my class last year where he transformed the entire class of nearlly 40 students into an orchestra by developing sounds and musical notes by tapping on a variety of objects including chairs, desks, notebucks, Starbucks cups, etc. -IT WAS A UNIQUE SYMPHONY!'
-Larry Zeiger, Teacher of Film Making and Musical Theater, Point Loma High School

'Glen Fisher has been coming to my classroom to work with and encourage my students. He has inspired them to work harder to achieve their goal of improving their musical skills. Glen has also included them in some of his performances, both at our school as well as in the club where he plays. It was a great thrill for them to be able to play along side some of the finest musicians in San Diego, and a great thrill for me and their parents to see them is this capacity. Mr. Fisher has also been helping Correia's band make a CD of the music they have performed this year.'
-Jim Trpasso, Teacher of Music, Correia Middle School

'I remember when Lena used to say that she didn't have the desire to travel around the world like I did, (As you know they want to be independent from anything that relates to their parents at this age!), and just the other day she said that a few things that she wants to do in her life is travel the world, playing her music, while writing a book about her experience!!! What a great compliment to the influence that you have had on her in the arts!!
Thank you for seeing in Lena what I see and encouraging that artistic spirit in her (as they accept it better when it comes from anyone but the parents) Please have a relaxing vacation, and kick your feet up, as you deserve it!!! Thanks for all that you do, to enrich the artisric spirits under your wing. You are a rich man a thousand times over. Your influence will live forever!!
-Diana Antonini

As City Councilmember for the Peninsula community, I can say that Glen Fisher is a leader in bringing much needed cultural programs to our local schools. Glen has set the bar in teaching young students the importance of music and the joy of performance. His tireless efforts to provide musical curricula to our youth have made him an invaluable asset to our neighborhood.
Glen's optimism and passion have ensured that in a time when extracurricular activities have been scaled back, children still have access to musical training which enhances their education. I respect and admire his talent and dedication to bringing art programs to Point Loma and Ocean Beach.
Kevin Faulconer, Councilmember, City of San Diego, District 2
- Councilmember Kevin Faulconer (Apr 11, 2006)
Dear Glen:

I am pleased to learn of your incredible support of jazz education in the Point Loma Schools, and Jazz at Lincoln Center is humbly grateful for your partnership with us in bringing the Jazz for Young People Curriculum to its elementary and middle schools.

I had the distinct pleasure to meet with music and education leaders on June 17, 2002 at the San Diego City Schools headquarters. We had the even greater pleasure of meeting you there and further discussing a partnership with the Point Loma Schools.

The Jazz for Young People Curriculum, produced by Jazz at Lincoln Center is a revolutionary aide in teaching young people about jazz - its history, important figures, and perhaps most importantly, its relevance to our American identity through cross-disciplinary connections. It is the first comprehensive teaching resource ever created to involve our young people in learning about the uniquely American art form of jazz.

Jazz at Lincoln Center is crusading to have jazz included as a part of our elementary and middle school curriculum - in general music and/or in other subject areas. Your leadership in the Point Loma Schools is a national model. We look forward to working with your as you lead US in the creative and powerful implementation of this curriculum in your schools. We have yet to find a music educator as committed and successful in making sure that young people learn about jazz. Thank you so much.

Please let us know what we can do to further your success in jazz education in Point Loma.

Best wishes, and with great thanks,

Wynton Marsalis
Artistic Director
Wynton Marsalis, Artistic Director - - JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER (Jun 17, 2002)
-To the Ryan Family Charitable Foundation for donating $5,000 to bring Grammy Award winner trumpeter Brian Lynch to Correia Middle School May 12-14, 2008.
-To Yamaha for donating $500 for a workshop with Brian Lynch.
-to Nancy Clark and family for doanting $100.
-To the Ted and Julie Cramer Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation for donating $300.
-To Humphrey's hosting the First Friday Club at their Backstage Music Club every FIRST SATURDAY of the month
-To everybody who has come to the First Friday Club and supported the Gomango Kids with cheers, donations, and help in any other way.